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Biochar Trust

A division of Warm Heart Worldwide, Biochar Trust cools the climate by helping to remove carbon from the atmosphere.


We mobilize a huge previously untapped human resource, the smallholder farmers of the developing world, to convert currently burned crop waste, a huge, previously ignored source of greenhouse gases, into carbon sequestering biochar.


We train smallholder farmers to biochar, not burn, their crop waste, certify the amount of carbon removed, provide access to global carbon offset markets for the verified carbon sequestration and ensure immediate payment, thereby encouraging others also to biochar, not burn.

The Biochar Trust team possesses years of experience working with thousands of farmers across Africa and Asia.

We teach smallholder farmers sustainable agriculture, i.e., how to make biochar from agricultural waste and use it to improve yields and mitigate climate change risk, instead of open-field burning it, which emits tonnes of GHGs, smog precursors and killer PM2.5.

We work hand-in-hand with local communities and independent agencies to verify the production of biochar using international c-sink standards supported by blockchain-enabled, smartphone-based tracking technology. Once CO2 is removed (i.e., sinked), our team works directly with customers or trading partners who purchase the carbon removal certificates to meet CSR / ESG goals.

Biochar Trust’s mission is to support the environmental and wellness needs of the general public via the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduction of emissions.  Our proceeds and future investments will be deployed to improve the lives of rural communities and uplift the underrepresented, which will be accomplished by removing still more carbon dioxide and reducing emissions further. We are committed to gender and income equality by employing fair and equal hiring practices for the once excluded.

Our Team

country managers

Aom Kwanpirom Soksri


Sylvester G. Chiweza


Mercy Awuoro Ogembo


Abedi Sam Bawa


global leadership

Dr. Michael Shafer

Biochar Science & Methodologies


Evelind Schecter

 Accounting & Compliance

Jason Highberger

Commercial Development & Financing

Dr. Dana Brown

Strategic Advisor, Warm Heart Board Representation

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Offset your carbon footprint and improve lives today.

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We offer custom solutions and pricing to meet your CSR or ESG goals.